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Had your rabies shots yet? The rats are loose!

Due October 2018

D4Twenty-five ‘rat’ themed short stories. Many are traditional blood and gore filled horror, but several venture slightly into the realms of science fiction and the supernatural.

Within this collection, the reader will find every sort of rat imaginable, from the super strong and ultra-intelligent to bloodthirsty and seemingly immortal.

While every story has been written to stand alone, several are loosely inter-connected with an ongoing reference to the future. Among this mischief of tales are:

A farmer’s imaginative though brutal attempt to solve his rat problem backfires on him in the worst possible way.

A young boy’s efforts to repay the kindness of his childhood rodent friends has consequences that will change the course of history.

A vicious ghostly rat falls victim to karma

A centuries-old rat looks back on how it became the seemingly immortal creature it is.

Some escaped convicts realise too late they’ve chosen the wrong couple to terrorise when their rodent pets see their own comfy lives threatened.

A grim fate awaits those who take shelter in an abandoned house.

A country squire finds himself on the wrong end of his own sporting cruelty.

These are just some of the stories in this extensive collection, so brace yourselves … for a mischief of little horrors.

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