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Never a tinker nor even a tailor, though once a soldier and an occasional sailor. I’ve fought my battles in many a playground and field, with make-believe guns and then riot shields. I’ve stood my ground toe to toe in the ring. But now I’m older and maybe a tiny bit wiser, wondering now what the future may bring.

I’ve hung up my gloves and also the guns, put aside my days and life as a lad, exchanged them all for a screen and keypad. And now it’s my characters that march where I fear to tread. And when they die they really stay dead, no miraculous recoveries or surreal shower scenes, or of waking up from a season-long dream.

Each word that I write strives to leap from the page, each page that I write urging the reader onto the next. I write what I know and imagine the rest. I write in black and white, leaving your imagination to make of it what you might. If all you want is simplicity and colour from the start, something to satisfy an instant entertainment fix, there’s always cable or even Netflix.

We live in an age of instant information, of every type of visual stimulation, and worst of all, of effortless entertainment.  Read on then, dear reader, and if you like what you’ve read, I promise I won’t let it go to my head (actually that’s a lie, we authors have an ego the size of a city).

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book2The book on the left is an anthology of short stories in aid of the cancer support charity, MacMillan Nurses, a book that I am extremely proud to have contributed one of my own short stories too. Please click on book thumbnail for Amazon link:

The central picture below, a shot of my beloved Land Rover, a symbol of adventure and freedom, the latter as it happens is to be the theme of the soon to be published 2nd book in aid of MacMillan Nurses.


What else to say here without embarking on a personal Odyssey?

On my blog, the reader will find a cross-section of my writings: short stories, flash fiction, the occasional article and some satire, and lots and lots of book reviews. I’m sure I share many of the reasons why other people blog, be it aspiring and established writers showcasing their prose, photographers to share their pictures, entrepreneurs promoting their businesses, and a host of others. For some, it will be an enjoyable hobby and an outlet for their creativity. For others, it might be the first tentative steps of a dreamed of  life-long career. But behind those commonly held reasons, I imagine there to be many other, less obvious and personal reasons

For as long as can I remember, I’ve enjoyed writing of all kinds, anything from a short story to express an idea to something as mundane as writing an email to praise or complain about some product or service. But it’s only in the past few years I’ve wanted to do more with my writing.

I’ve recently been forced into early retirement following some health issues, but thankfully, I’m probably past the worst of them. and still able to enjoy my many outdoor pursuits.  Another and welcome consequence is that I’m also free now to pursue my writing ambitions, unhindered by the constraints and obligations of full-time employment. So what of this blog? How does this fit into my retirement and writing in general?

In this day and age, people are living longer and healthier more active lives. The time following retirement is no longer just a short interlude before the final curtain that draws a close on us all. And whilst I’m looking forward to long lazy country walks, mountain biking through the Welsh valleys, weekends of wild camping in Scotland, and climbing my favourite mountains, and I daresay, quite a bit of babysitting the grandkids, I want my life to mean more than just the usual self-indulged recreational pleasures in the years to come. I want my writing to be a more permanent reflection of my life and interests; to hopefully bring an occasional moment of pleasure, not just to family and friends, but strangers who I may never meet, just as the many other bloggers and aspiring writers have brought me.