Short story review – Quad by Toneye Eyenot


Another easy 5-stars for Toneye Eyenot

Tense & chilling … Will have your heart and pulse racing like speedway competitors.

A real open-ended tense little chiller of a tale. The first person perspective and real-time telling of the story give it an utterly genuine and convincing sense of terror and of running out of time before some horrible and inevitable end. I wasn’t sure and still don’t know what the original source of the horror from which the character was fleeing or speaking of, but that’s part of the beauty here .. the reader shares in the narrator’s frustration and fear of ‘not knowing, and just like for him, there’s no resolution for the reader either. The ending hints at something medical, but again, it’s pure speculation. The real strength of this story not only lies in the telling of it and the sense of fear and urgency but in all the question marks it leaves behind … what was the source of the apocalypse? Did the narrator survive? Was his captivity a death sentence or a means of protecting him? Perhaps the author will answer these questions another time…


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