Survival Beginnings: Jenny’s Story


stars5Cracking snapshot of what looks like the beginning of a great series …

RH1What starts off as any normal day, the sort that a million other families around the country might be having quickly descends into the stuff of nightmares. The two central characters, Jenny and Jason, are forced to accept that all the stuff they’ve ever read about zombies might well be coming true.

Ever since George Romero’s first zombie film, and more recently The Walking Dead’ TV show, zombie horror has grown into a genre all of its own with a glut of books, films, and even comics cashing on on the phenomena so it was quite refreshing to see it approached here with some degree of originality. Too often, zombie stories kick off with the world-wide effects of rampaging zombies on the streets etc while forgetting the many more individual domestic stories of everyday people suddenly coming face to face with friends, neighbours, and loved ones turning into lethal predators before their very eyes. Just as James Herbert did at the start of his famous ‘the Rats,’ Rhonda Hopkins plunges the reader into one such story of individual horror at the very start of some as yet unknown catastrophy to follow. The story swiftly gathers pace, filled with Jenny and Jason’s struggle between fear and panic and the need to deal with the situation unravelling about them. Great action and believable dialogue make for a convincing story amid a too terrifying to believe scenario. From what I understand this is but one story of a wider series the author is writing, set among the same unfolding horror.

A quick and short read, but a highly enjoyable and entertaining one. Looking forward to seeing how this great start to the series develops. An easy five stars.


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